Why Citizens Bank of Morgantown is Your Go-To Local Bank for Personal and Business Banking Needs

Are you tired of being just another number at your bank? Do you want a financial institution that truly cares about your needs and the well-being of your community? Look no further than Citizens Bank of Morgantown. With a century of experience serving Morgantown’s people, we are here to provide personalized banking services that go above and beyond what the big banks offer.

At Citizens Bank of Morgantown, we pride ourselves on being a local community bank that understands our customers’ unique challenges and aspirations. Unlike the big banks, we prioritize the needs of small businesses, personal accounts, and families in our community. We offer a wide range of financial products and services that cater to your specific needs, ensuring that we meet your financial goals.

One of the key factors that sets us apart from our competitors is our commitment to keeping your money within the local community. When you deposit your hard-earned money with us, 95% of that dollar is lent directly back to the Morgantown community. This means that by banking with us, you directly contribute to the growth and prosperity of your family, friends, and neighbors. Your funds are not used to make speculative trades or investments on Wall Street but instead used to support local businesses and individuals in their financial endeavors.

For small business owners, Citizens Bank of Morgantown is a trusted partner that understands the challenges and aspirations of entrepreneurship. Whether you are just starting or looking to expand your business, we have the expertise and financial solutions to support you. Our dedicated team, led by President Brian Camp and Vice President of Lending Ryan Slaugenhoup, is here to work with you every step of the way. From analyzing your business plan to executing your future endeavors, we are here to guide you toward success.

When it comes to personal banking, we understand the importance of knowing that your funds are safe and secure. By banking locally, you can rest easy knowing that your money stays within the community and directly benefits local businesses, friends, and families. With a range of personal deposit accounts, certificates of deposits, and high-yield savings accounts, we offer you the opportunity to grow your funds while supporting your local community. Our dedicated team, including Relationship Manager and Loan Officer Andrew Flanagan, is always ready to assist you with your day-to-day banking needs.

Unlike the big banks, our decision-making process is local and personal. Loan approvals and other critical decisions are made by individuals who live in our community and understand the local needs. This allows us to approve small businesses and other loans that big banks might reject. The prosperity of our community is directly tied to the wealth of our customers, which is why we are deeply involved in the local community. We are proud to be consistently rated as one of the strongest banks in the country and have received a 5-star safety rating from Bankrate.com.

In addition to our commitment to community and personalized service, Citizens Bank of Morgantown also offers a variety of low-cost financial products and services that outshine our competitors. Our fees are lower than those of big banks, and we provide better interest rates on savings and loan terms. We offer different types of accounts to meet various needs, such as interest-earning checking, free checking, money market, individual and youth savings, and high-yield secure savings. Our wide selection of mortgage loans, including FHA, USDA, first-time home buyers, adjustable-rate, and VA mortgages, ensures that you have options tailored to your specific requirements.

When you bank with Citizens Bank of Morgantown, you become one of our valued “Citizens.” Our greatest investment is in you, your family, and your businesses. We are here to guide you on your financial journey, offering personalized attention, convenience, and expertise that you won’t find at the big banks.

Join the Citizens Bank of Morgantown community today and experience the difference of banking locally. Let us help you achieve your financial goals while contributing to the growth and prosperity of our beloved Morgantown community. Together, we can create a brighter future for all.