Home Ownership With Citizens Bank of Morgantown

Buying your first home is a momentous occasion that signifies stability, independence, and an investment in your future. However, the process can be fraught with challenges, particularly for first-time home buyers who often face hurdles such as substantial down payments, credit score requirements, and high-interest rates. Citizens Bank of Morgantown offers an intuitive and supportive First-Time Homebuyer program that simplifies this daunting process and ensures you feel confident in your choice to work with us.

Why Choose Citizens Bank of Morgantown?

Established in 1922, Citizens Bank of Morgantown has been an integral part of our community for over a century. Unlike big banks that may prioritize corporate interests, we focus on the needs of our local residents. Here are some unique advantages we provide:

  1. Low-Cost Financial Products and Services: We offer a variety of low-cost financial options, including checking and savings accounts, CDs, IRAs, and a multitude of loan types. Our fees are lower than those of big banks, and our interest rates on savings and loan terms are more favorable.
  2. Community-Centric Focus: When you bank with us, 95% of every dollar deposited is reinvested back into the Morgantown community. This means your money helps your neighbors and local businesses thrive.
  3. Unparalleled Customer Service: Our expert team members, including Brian Camp (President) and Ryan Slaugenhoup (Vice President of Lending), are part of the Morgantown community. When you call our bank, you’ll speak to a real person who is genuinely interested in helping you achieve your financial goals.

The Challenges First-Time Home Buyers Face

For many first-time buyers, the biggest challenge is coming up with the down payment. Conventional mortgage lenders often require a 10% to 20% down payment, which can be a significant burden. On a $200,000 home, that amounts to $20,000 to $40,000. This can be an insurmountable obstacle for many aspiring homeowners. Additional pressures include:

  • Credit Scores: Meeting the credit score requirements set by major lenders can be arduous.
  • Employment History: Stability in employment is another factor that conventional lenders scrutinize.
  • High-Interest Rates: Many first-time buyers are offered higher-than-average interest rates, further increasing the cost of homeownership.

How Our First-Time Homebuyer Program Solves These Problems

Our First-Time Homebuyer program is tailored to diminish these challenges, making the dream of homeownership attainable for young couples, healthcare workers, educators, and others in our community. Here’s how we do it:

  1. Minimal Down Payment: You can purchase your new home with as little as 3% down of the purchase price. This is a far cry from the 10%-20% that larger, profit-driven banks require.
  2. Local Decision-Making: Our loan approvals are made locally, often within hours. This means you can avoid the long waiting periods and unnecessary hurdles associated with larger banks.
  3. Personal Touch: Unlike automated systems elsewhere, when you call Citizens Bank of Morgantown, you’ll speak directly with a knowledgeable loan officer who will take the time to understand your unique financial situation. This personalized approach enables us to offer you the best terms possible when things look uncertain.
  4. Competitive Fixed Rates: Our program features low fixed rates, ensuring your monthly mortgage payments remain predictable and manageable.

Impact on Your Life

Owning a home provides stability and a sense of achievement that renting cannot. The housing market can be intimidating, with high rates and fast sales that often favor cash buyers. Realtors may also be less inclined to work with those unable to afford higher-priced homes.

Achieving Success with Our Program

Success for you means successfully navigating the often-complicated landscape of mortgage lending, securing a home that fits your budget and lifestyle, and feeling supported throughout the process. Here’s how we measure your success with our First-Time Homebuyer program:

  1. Smooth, Quick Process: From application to approval, our streamlined process ensures a hassle-free experience.
  2. Comfort and Confidence: We aim to make you feel comfortable with every step of the home-buying process.
  3. Guidance Every Step of the Way: We provide the resources and personal support you need to make informed decisions.


At Citizens Bank of Morgantown, we understand the significance of buying your first home. Our First-Time Homebuyer program is designed to address the specific challenges you face, offering you a path to homeownership that is both accessible and supportive. We take pride in our community, and our priority is to help you achieve your dreams while also contributing to the prosperity of Morgantown.

If you’re ready to take the first step towards owning your first home, reach out to us at (304) 292-8411 or visit www.citizensbankwv.com. Remember, at Citizens Bank of Morgantown, our greatest investment is You!