Online Banking Tips

At Citizens Bank of Morgantown the security of our customers information is very important. There are new scams and fraud targeting customers daily. The best way to avoid these scams and fraud attempts is to be educated customers. Here are some tips and things to watch out for in your day to day online activity:

  • Sign up for electronic statements. Eliminating a paper trail helps prevents criminals from stealing your account information. Electronic statements enable you to look at your statements as soon as they are available which allows you to know if everything is correct on your statement sooner.
  • Using our Online Banking allows you to monitor your accounts in near real-time, as often as you want.
  • Never leave your computer once you are signed on to Online Banking. When you are finished, be sure to log off and close your browser.
  • Passwords should be changed regularly and should be more complex than your birthdate or other words that might be easy for someone else to guess. Never share your password with anyone and don’t save your passwords on a computer that may be used by other people.
  • Your computer should always be updated with the latest anti-virus and firewalls protections. Make sure security patches have been applied for the operating system and software applications.
  • Always be alert for any copycat web sites that may use a name or web address that’s very similar to a real website. These copycat websites are created to lure you to their web site and try and get personal information from you such as bank account numbers, social security numbers or credit card numbers.
  • Avoid clicking on links in unsolicited emails. If you receive a suspicious email representing Citizens Bank of Morgantown, please contact us before clicking on any link. Never give out your account number or any personal information.
  • Do not store your passwords on your mobile device. Do not permit login ID or password to be “remembered” by the mobile browser.
  • Only download and install apps from reliable, reputable sources.
  • Be sure to turn on security controls on your mobile device such as a password, PIN, and/or fingerprint to unlock it to prevent unauthorized access. Set your phone up to auto-lock after a certain period of time.
  • If your mobile device is lost or stolen, go to a personal computer and log in to your Online Banking and change your password. If you have any questions, please call us during operating hours or email us.
  • Do not use public WiFi connections to access mobile online banking as they are not secure.
  • Notify the bank if you have an email or phone number change so that we can contact you in the event of possible fraud.

**Always remember that we will never ask for or email you requesting your online banking password. We may call to verify some other information regarding your online activity should we see something that is of concern to us, but we will never ask for your password.**

If you think there is something on your statement that is wrong, please contact us no later than 60 days after the FIRST statement that has the possible error.

If you have any questions regarding security or possible fraud, please contact the bank.